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    IDK who this is, but damn, he’s adorable. STILL ADORABLE. And now I know his name: Donghae

    SO, HEY. Today is the 3rd anniversary of Donghae Day. I’m about to start working on my Donghae Day post, which I do every year. You can read what I’ve posted in the previous two years and see the original post (which this is reblogged from) back in 2011, while you wait for me to type up whatever it is I’m going to post this year.

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    • Step 1: like a thing
    • Step 2: find a few close friends who also like the thing
    • Step 3: don't talk to anyone else in the fandom literally those 5-6 persons are your fandom
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  • Happy Donghae Day!

    So, two years ago today I discovered kpop via Donghae (though I didn’t know who he was at first). Last year, on 10/12, I wrote up a post about getting into kpop/etc and I thought I’d do it again this year (here’s this year’s Donghae Day gif post, in case you missed it). Last year, H and I hung out and we’re doing the same this year (including going out for dinner and drinks). Donghae Day is literally a thing now, so much so that it’s on my calendar.

    I’ve never been big on anniversaries because I’m bad at dates. I’m forever forgetting when exactly I got into cycling (except that it was in 2003 and that’s a period in my life I’d rather just move on from), for example. So this is really the first time that I’ve had evidence of the exact moment in time that I discovered kpop. It started with Donghae and slid into Super Junior before I eventually realized how big the world of kpop (and eventually Asian pop) was. I know, it’s kind of ridiculous, but that’s the kind of person I am.

    The main reason I think that celebrating Donghae Day is important (to me) is because it has changed my life in ways I didn’t actually realize until they’d already happened. H and I were friends prior to my getting into kpop, but I ended up dragging her into and we’ve become super close friends. And this year I’ve added some new friends, including another really close friendship (with J).

    Sure, my coworkers (and family and some of my friends) find it weird that I love kpop (and, tbh, pop culture in general), but I’ve stopped caring. I love it and it makes me happy. Last year, it was all about Big Bang, Running Man and Yoga Lin (all of which I still love, especially Yoga) and this year it’s kpop (like BAP, Speed and Block B, who might be my actual favorites but it’s still too early to call) and khiphop (Crucial Star, man, but also so much more).

    Next year, who knows? But, god. I can’t believe it’s been two years. TWO YEARS! Where did the time go? I’m lucky to have found such great friends and pretty fun music, too (tbh, the friends are probably the best part). So, you know, here’s to another year! No regrets, y’all. NO REGRETS.

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    IDK who this is, but damn, he’s adorable. STILL ADORABLE. And now I know his name: Donghae

    It’s the second annual Donghae Day! This means it’s the second anniversary of my getting into kpop. This was the picture that started it all. You can see my original reblog and then last year’s post

    I will post something more detailed later. Happy Donghae Day!

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  • CNBLUE Ear Fun Limited Edition - JungShin
cr : aissa
    CNBLUE Ear Fun Limited Edition - JungShin

    cr : aissa

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    Lee Jung Shin KBS Gayo Daejun


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